The Oak table is characterized by the diamond-shaped joint of the thick wooden legs with an American black walnut finish or in brushed ashwood with a all of matt color variants open-pore finish. The clear glass top is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Le Madie della linea FLY sono la sintesi della modularità degli elementi box, che uniti insieme in un’unica struttura creano un mobile di design che può mutare forma a seconda delle proprie esigente.
A fundamental concept of the Move area is the breaking up of volume and the casual combination of elements in the room, as shown by this furnishing combination consisting of varying vertical and horizontal elements: it’s the FREE shelf. A room that breaks away from clichés and that is nonetheless perfectly harmonious and elegant: from the bookcase consisting of a combination of shelves to the flowing shapes of the Fly tables
Storing things find a new, fascinating dimension. With the undulating movement of its materials, the Fly collection provides an interpretation of the concept of beauty that performs its function with its delicate presence, evoking an imaginary statuesque, multi-coloured world that opens up to infinity, only to be restric¬ted by the physical boundaries of the room. “Widespread, extreme minimalism has impoverished our homes for too long, taking emotions...
A destructured living area can be very expressive, as its visual effect can be further enhanced by the con¬trast created by the different colours of the units. Wall units in matt black and white stand out against the wall, creating a sort of graphic design effect
The Fly table, which is characterized by unusual and flowing shapes, it’s suitable to dress the living area and it perfectly fits with FLY, FLY-BOX and FREE shelves.
The Q WALL bookcase creates a special visual effect, as it features thick shelves in different colours and materials: from woods with a brushed open-pore finish, to matt and glossy lacquers.