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We got started 40 years ago working solid wood as a small family-run joinery born out of the passion handed over by our grandparents. We have come a long way and much is the wood we worked out, turned into something for closing, containing, covering or even just supporting; windows and doors , wardrobes, coverings and tables. We made everything. The passion and the desire to grow, to try new adventures, pushed us to a continuous development, both technologically and in terms of working’s procedures. From a small carpentry we have become a firm; but we want to remain wood transformers and craftsmen as well. Craftsmen that, anyhow, know how to organize the most complex productions, in fact we realized important projects for some world-recognized architects , working with the same unchanged passion for the well-done things, that identifies the craftsmanship of Italian culture. After years of being a reference in the adventurous world once known as “custom-made”, now called “contract”, we have been determined to perfect our expertise by launching into the production of a line of us own.

So, we have embraced the philosophy of Move, which has always boosted exclusivity as its point of strength. Now, we combine the exclusive nature and the design of Move with the experience and production flexibility of FAJ in one reality, which will allow you to furnish every room, every space of your home, without compromises.

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